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Natural limestone is composed of sedimentary rock and comes from skeletal fragments of prehistoric marine life and often contains varying amounts of clay, silica or silt. It is non-uniform in shape and size, and can come in very large massive blocks or smaller flatter slabs. Natural limestone can range in size from massive one-ton blocks to smaller 40-pound slabs.

Because of its natural form, color and beauty natural limestone is usually used for architectural enhancement by landscapers and architects of residential developments across the country. Natural limestone is environmentally friendly and contains no toxic man made chemicals or additives. As a result it can be utilized indoors as well to add beauty and texture to interior residential spaces like kitchens, patios, around pools, columns, stair steps and more.

If massive blocks of natural stone are utilized in a project them heavy equipment is needed for lifting and placing the blocks. Projects that need to utilize smaller non-uniform slabs of limestone typically require a lot of hand placement and adjustment of each stone in order to achieve the right angle and desired pitch.

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