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Modular small block comes in many different shapes, sizes, and densities. The small blocks are precast and color is added to them during the manufacturing process. There are high density blocks comprised of fine gravel and sand, lower density blocks that can be made with recycled aggregate material, and lightweight blocks made from aerating the concrete during the manufacturing process. Small block typically weigh from 40 – 80 pounds per block.

Precast modular small block can be used for reinforced walls, freestanding walls, columns, steps & caps. Because they come in a vast array of shapes and colors, they can add architectural beauty to your exclusive home residence or residential development. Because of the smaller size of these blocks, tighter curves can be incorporated into any design. Architects and residential developers can create a multitude of useful and beautiful configurations with these smaller concrete blocks.

Do to the lighter weight of these modular precast small blocks, most of the installation is done by hand with the assistance of Bobcats and smaller lifting equipment to carry loads of block to the installation site. The installations of this small block are typically with out mortar.

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